Tavistock Town Council owns or looks after around 200 benches throughout the town, parks and open spaces. Bench refurbishment works takes place during Autumn/Winter.  

If you would like to dedicate a bench as a memorial, or to commemorate a special occasion, please complete the Memorial Bench Application Form below and return to the Works Department for consideration. Please note that new bench installations on Whitchurch Down are not permitted.

Alternatively if you wish to discuss the installation of another form of memorial please Contact Us

Memorial Bench Application Form 

Two designs of bench are available, a simple bench design and a formal bench design. No other design is permitted except with the permission of the Council. A brass plaque must be supplied by the donor and the wording and size must be accepted by the Council. The bench will be maintained by Tavistock Town Council for an initial period of 10 years.

The cost of a memorial bench from 1st April 2024 is £832.00 including VAT, the cost for an additional or amended plaque on a previously purchased bench is £105.00 including VAT. 

Applications can be submitted at any time but please be aware that the siting of new benches, or refurbishment of existing benches, will only take place during the Autumn/Winter period.

Bench and other Memorial Rules and Regulations

If you are interested in other memorials (e.g. trees, art works or other structures) please contact the Council for further information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to grant all requests for benches and other memorials as there are only a limited number of locations available each year. However, we do try to accommodate all requests where possible. 

Simple Bench Design 

Simple Bench Design

 Formal Bench Design 

Formal Bench Design