Roads, Footpaths, Seats and Litter Bins;

  • Churchyard and ClockMarket Road is owned by the Town Council, who are responsible for its upkeep, including the 1,941 square metres of roadway surface.
  • Some 8,991 square metres of footpaths and tracks are the responsibility of the Council, and are subject to a rolling maintenance programme.
  • The Council maintains 612 metres of fencing, 3,860 metres of hedging, 2,131 metres of drystone walls, 55 gates and 3 footbridges in and around the property that it owns.
  • Over 200 seats are either owned by the Council, or are the property of others and maintained by the Council as agents.
  • A total of 27 litter bins and 14 dog ‘poop scoop’ bins are maintained by the Council.

Please be aware that all roads and footpaths other than those listed are the responsibility of Devon County Council as highways authority. Services such as street cleaning and refuse collection are carried out by West Devon Borough Council.

Public Lighting - A total of 8 floodlights (Churchyard, Betsy Grimbal's Tower, Abbey Bridge and Drake’s Statue), 64 other light fittings and 55 lighting columns are maintained by SSE under contract, with the electricity paid for by the Town Council.

Bus Shelters - The Council has a contract in place to maintain a total of 11 bus shelters in and around the Town centre.

Town Clock and Churchyard - The Town Clock in the Parish Church tower is vested in the Town Council, who fund the maintenance of the Clock and its lighting, the churchyard is also maintained by the Council.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is Britain's most invasive non-native plant. It was originally brought from the Far East as an ornamental plant by the Victorians but it has now widely naturalized and occurs across the UK as well as Europe, USA, Canada and New Zealand.  Japanese Knotweed is highly resilient and spreads easily, even a small fragment of its roots can regenerate into a new plant after staying dormant for several years.  Japanese Knotweed is classed as a 'Controlled Waste' and must be disposed of properly, if allowed to spread It can cause damage to properties and harms the native eco-system, you have a legal obligation not to cause it to spread if it occurs on your land.  The Town Council has managed Knotweed on its sites via stem injecting and spraying of herbicide.

For further information please visit Natural Devon.

Young Japanese Knotweed

Mature Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Foliage


We strive to maintain all the grounds under our care to the highest standards and we inspect them regularly, however if you notice something that needs our attention do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Out of Hours Contact

If an issue should arise outside of normal operating hours on Town Council owned land or property only, which needs to be made safe, e.g. dangerous trees or buildings, flooding etc. please contact us on:

07714 222345