Contract Awarded - Gas and Electricity Contract - 2022

This Tender is now closed.

Tavistock Town Council is seeking quotes from suitably experienced and qualified service providers/brokers to supply electricity and gas renewal prices for all its sites (see Electricity - Appendix 1 and Gas – Appendix 2), plus ongoing support in relation to billing, usage and dispute resolution.

The Quote

The work comprises the pricing of electricity and gas supply for all Tavistock Town Council sites as denoted in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 and ongoing support in relation to billing, usage and meter reads (including start/end tenancy meter read reporting for additional sites).

The quote should be for a contract period of 24 months from 1st August 2022. Where an alternative contract option/period is recommended, please provide details separately along with the rationale behind the recommendation as this will be reviewed independently.

You should provide evidence of your quality assurance documentation which will demonstrate your experience in providing best value within the local authority sector including;

  • evidence of resilience within your company communication structure to enable a seamless customer service package
  • monthly consumption reporting 
  • energy management advice with a view to reduce consumption
  • recommendations to provide a more consolidated and efficient energy service contract, e.g. use of modern technology to monitor and manage consumption

You should also provide a copy of your Professional Indemnity Insurance documentation along with proof of your sector specific portfolio.

Cost Information

Please provide a detailed breakdown of costs (excluding VAT) based on the energy consumption information provided and complete the relevant fields in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.

Your tender will be assessed on both your technical return (40%) and price return (60%). The contract will be awarded on best value in relation to both elements and not necessarily the lowest price. 

A separate lump sum quote should be provided for completion of an audit of the Council’s utility infrastructure and providing recommendations for improvements.

Please submit your quote in writing in a sealed envelope marked ‘Confidential – Gas & Electricity Quote’ to:  The Proper Officer, Tavistock Town Council, Town Council Offices, Drake Road, Tavistock, PL19 0AU.

The deadline for receipt of written quotes and recommendations outlined in a report format (email is not acceptable) is 12 noon Wednesday 6th July 2022. 

Electronic copies of submitted reports should be available on request post the tender deadline.

For further information please contact Lesley Reeves, Community and Compliance Officer, on 01822 616134 or email

Note - prospective tenderers are prohibited from contacting staff or councillors to canvass or encourage support for their tender outside of the prescribed process.

For further information please click the links below;

Electricity & Gas Tender Letter

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