Sir Francis Drake Survey

What do you know about Drake?

 Sir Francis Drake is Tavistock’s most famous son but what else do you know? Recent controversy about statues and who they celebrate has put a spotlight on Drake and his somewhat controversial life.  The Town Council with its partners would like to take this opportunity to both learn more about what local people think but also to increase local understanding about this part of our history. In order to gather your views, we are undertaking an online survey and invite everyone who lives in Tavistock to have their say. We are also talking to and working with many others in town and further afield including Tavistock Local History Society, Tavistock Heritage Trust, Tavistock College, local people who identify with Black Lives Matter and Tavistock Rotary Club. Tavistock College has undertaken a survey of their years 7 to 11 concerning Drake, which demonstrated how well informed young people are, and this survey aims to get an idea of what the rest of the community knows.

 Information collected from this survey and local research will be used to design and manufacture an information board about Drake including both his flaws and more admirable qualities. We hope that in presenting a more multi-faceted view of Drake we can stimulate a more informed debate and in the process enable a greater understanding of our own history and Drake’s role in it. The board will be installed close to the present statue on Plymouth Road and provide a brief introduction as to why Drake was considered a national hero but more recently how his part in the slave trade should also inform our views.

Please use this link to take part in the survey before Friday August 7th SurveyMonkey