Tavistock Townscape Heritage Initiative - Evaluation Surveys June 2017

Tavistock Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI)

Evaluation Surveys June 2017

The Tavistock THI is a £2 million programme restoring important historic buildings and public spaces for the benefit of the town centre environment and economy. It is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (£1million) plus local contributions from the Town Council (project leader), West Devon Borough Council, Devon County Council, the Greater Dartmoor LEAF and private property owners.
At the end of the programme in December 2019 it will be necessary to demonstrate that it has brought about change in terms of ‘outputs’ (number-based measurements) and ‘outcomes’ (qualitative changes). Generally the outputs can be easily measured but the outcomes can really only be measured through surveys, interviews and feedback from people involved in the project, local residents and businesses.
One of the THI’s most important aims is to promote participation and inclusion of local people in creating a shared interest in the heritage, history and future of Tavistock. In order to measure the impact of the THI in this respect between now and 2019 an Evaluation Survey is being conducted in June 2017 to establish a ‘baseline’ position. It is the intention to repeat this later in the programme.
The THI partners would be grateful if as many people as possible could complete and return one of the 4 versions (Residents, Businesses, Visitors and Students – as appropriate) of the short survey form available on the THI page of this website by clicking this link  also on the THI website (www.tavistockTHI.co.uk).  Alternatively, paper copies of the survey are available at Tavistock Library.

 There is also a longer survey form primarily targetted at residents (but not exclusively) for anyone who wishes to provide a more detailed response.