Purple Lights for Pancreatic Cancer

21st November 2019
Category : Town Hall Diary

What is Purple Lights for Pancreatic Cancer?
Purple Lights for Pancreatic Cancer is a collaboration of five UK based charities, with the aim of encouraging landmarks, businesses and residences to light up purple on 21st November 2019 (World Pancreatic Cancer Day), or at any other time during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month this November.

Who Participates?
You will be part of a worldwide movement that brings together more than 80 pancreatic cancer organizations from more than 30 countries and six continents to raise awareness and inspire action. Members of the local community that have been personally affected by the disease are also taking part by lighting up their homes and local businesses. The act of lighting up a home or focal point in a village, town or city is a way to remember loved ones who have sadly died and to acknowledge those living with or beyond the disease.

Why is it so Important?
We hope that by lighting up different buildings and landmarks in purple that vital attention will be drawn to a disease that is now the 5th largest cancer killer in the UK, with only 7% of those diagnosed living beyond 5 years.