Tavistock Guildhall - Council to apply for £400,000 Loan to Complete Restoration


Restoration works by RM Builders on behalf of Tavistock Town Council to the Guildhall are moving forward apace. The scaffolding of the building is nearing completion to enable repair and replacement works to the roof and cleaning of the impressive granite and hurdwick stone walls has begun. Working with archaeologists excavation work to regularise floor levels is well advanced together with the creation of new openings to help the flow of visitors once the final use as a World Heritage Site Gateway Centre is complete. The former Courtroom is being restored to its original layout with the removal of the rooms at the rear and their replacement with an open area which will serve as a viewing platform for the Courtroom as well as a usable area in its own right.

The £1.458m works to the building are principally funded by Tavistock Town Council (£345,441 from reserves) and the National Lottery Heritage Fund (£613,254) with generous support from other funders including the Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, the Hobson Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation (total £100,000). The Council is also now applying for the final part of the funding package - a 25 year £400,000 loan on preferential rates from the Public Works Loan Board which it plans to draw down in January. The cost of loan repayments (projected to be fixed at £22,405 per year) will be met from ongoing savings in Council budgets. The largest has been achieved from a reduction in electricity costs after moving most larger Council premises over to LED lighting - reducing both cost and carbon footprint. The Council Meeting to consider the loan application will be held at the Council Chamber, Drake Road on Tuesday 19th November, 2019 at 5.45pm.

For more information about the project, its aims, its funding and progress visit www.tavistock.gov.uk/your-council/council-initiatives/guildhall-project or to express your views on these contact office@tavistock.gov.uk . For details of project activities and events being run by Tavistock Heritage Trust, or to volunteer to help visit www.heritageintavistock.org/

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